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Regional Cooperation Plan on Building a Quality Living Area

Guangzhou, Shenzhen,
Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban and Rural Development, Hong Kong Special Admini


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Project Features:

This project is jointly organized by he Guangdong Provincial People's Government, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Macao Special Administrative Region Government to cooperate with the implementation of the Pearl River Delta Regional Reform and Development Plan (2008-2020).

1. Break the administrative boundaries and explore the expansion of cross-border space cooperation

The plan introduces the concept of “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao cross-border space cooperation” for the first time to explore and expand the scope and content of cross-border space cooperation, encourage multi-type cross-border cooperation, steadily promote the development of cross-border space cooperation, jointly construct the livable bay area of the Pearl River Delta  and tap the construction of “joint innovation zone, modern service industry cooperation area, tourism cooperation area and life cooperation area” and other four types of space cooperation area.

2. Focus on people’s livelihood and guide cross-border cooperation

As the great Pearl River Delta region features high flow of population with great demands for cross-border life convenience, the plan points out that to deepen the reform of social management system, we should first explore cross-border social and livelihood management cooperation, and gradually establish a structure for public services and governance of people’s livelihood suitable for the Pearl River Delta region. The plan, starting from the common action framework, has proposed cooperation actions in terms of the ecological environment, low-carbon development, cultural people’s livelihood, space organizations, traffic organizations, etc. according to the needs of regional problems and cross-border issues as reference to the relevant actions of the three government departments.

3. Focus on planning policy and reduce the resistance of implementation

The plan involves Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, which needs to go beyond the administrative boundaries to jointly cope with the common problem of regional development. In order to reduce the resistance of implementation, the plan will not direct allocate related resources. Instead, it is based on the regional development vision of building a quality living area of the great Pearl River Delta region, thus it is the concept and action proposal of the transformation of the development methods.

4. Emphasize the fairness of regional space and ensure the development rights of different regions

This plan, through exploring the ecological compensation mechanism of Guangdong Province with project support as the main form, explores the spatial fairness oriented policy measures such as land use index and cultivated land protection index cross-regional linkage balance and transaction mechanism to protect different regions especially the development rights in the relatively backward areas.

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