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The Study of Urban Planning Preparation System of Macao

Macao Department of Transport and Works


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Project Features:

Under the background of “one country, two systems”, facing the situation of the lack of systematic urban planning system and legal system in Macao, combined with the development of Macao's open society and diversified demands, the urban planning preparation system is to be constructed with interests coordination as the core to effectively promote and guide the legalization of urban planning in Macao. The main features are:

 1) The project adopts the open research model “with the workshop as the platform dominated by public opinions” to guide the public to participate in the design of the planning preparation system in Macao.

2) In terms of the research results, it has put forward the construction of the planning system of “three levels and six types” with interest coordination as the core, including regional and urban development strategy planning and urban overall planning in the strategic planning stage, urban special planning and zoning statutory plan in the control planning stage and recent large-scale public construction planning and street alignment in the implementation planning stage.

3) The coordination framework of “two platforms and one department” has been established, which refers to the public consultation platform with the urban planning commission as the main body to coordinate the interests between the government and public, public and public, sector consultation platform with the urban planning coordination meeting as the main body to coordinate the interests and arrangements between various government departments and department responsible for urban planning as the core to guide planning consultation.

4) The planning preparation process of “public oriented, supported by planning technology” is designed. In the early stage of planning preparation, led by public opinions, it widely solicits opinions; in the middle stage, the technical department will form a number of comparison programs according to public opinions; and in the late stage, the technical department will refine the programs with the public selecting the program and propose interest avoidance, meeting audit and other security mechanisms.

5) The planning permission includes two types: often permitted permission and permission requiring approval to reasonably limit the discretionary power and the planning and permission process of Macao has been adjusted and designed systematically taking the original planning system and demands of the transitional stage into full account.

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