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Guangzhou Conghua Hot Springs Business Conference Area Site Plan

Liangkou Town, Congh
Kingold Group Co., LTD
second prize in excellent urban and rural planning design of Guangdong province 2009


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Guangzhou Conghua Hot Springs Business Conference Area is located in the Liuxi River flat-bottomed land, covering a land area of 246 hectares. The east, west and north sides are surrounded by mountains, and Liuxi River is in the south, so the landscape environment is excellent.

Combined with the unique terrain conditions of the base, through multiple scheme comparison research, select the layout pattern more suitable for the terrain feature of planning area: the buildings are given priority to courtyard layout, with the symbiosis with scattered points, layering and mountain terrain; the trend road complies with the terrain, and follows the nature to the greatest extent. The multidimensional integral layout shows the spatial pattern of originating from nature and higher than nature, and forms a planning and design scheme with high mountain characteristics.

Make full use of the historical heritage of this base, emphasize on the preservation and maintenance of existing "ancient wells, ancient stones, ancient trees, and ancient bridges", and embody the respect for the deep historical context of Liuxi River drainage basin in the planning and design. Integrate the vocabulary of traditional dwellings into the design of modern business, meeting office and other buildings, and fully embody the inheritance and organic update of the base’s traditional culture in the plan.

In the process of planning and design, establish the dynamic simulation system in planning area through the new technology (VR simulation system) to make observation by simulating the visiting path of visitors, so as to check the pros and cons of different layout scheme in a more intuitive manner, and achieve the real-time dynamic observation and experience in planning area, and provide scientific basis and innovation of technology design optimization.

Combined with the specific project planning and practical development features, this plan has better coordinated the conflict between planning control and actual development and construction, thus having certain reference significance to similar projects.

As the first commencement project of the planning and implementation of Guangzhou Conghua Hot Springs Business Conference Area Site Plan & Overall Urban Design, the planning area has now launched the first-phase construction of sports park, road, vertical buildings and other engineering projects, and the whole project has been basically completed at the end of 2010, and it is expected to put into operation before October, 2011.
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